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Brooking Angus Ranch :: Angus Cattle in Canada
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Herd Sires
Brooking Angus Ranch is proud to offer you some of the best genetics through our Herd Sires. Please call us for Semen or herd sire opportunities, and thank you for your interest in Brooking Angus Ranch.
Brooking Bank Note 4040
Registration Number: 1776488
owned by:
Labatte Simmentals, Oberle Circle 7, Rust Mountain View Ranch, Canadian Sires, and Brooking Angus Ranch

  Connealy Consensus
  Brazila of Conanga 3991 839A
  S A V Final Answer0035
Dam: E A ROSE 918
  E A Rose 738

Brooking Rose 6079
$39,500 - Pinehurst Farms
Brooking Lady 6101
$15,500 - Riverfront Angus Ranch
Brooking Tibbie 6013
$11,500 - Boss Lake Genetics
Brooking Firebrand 6068
$95,000 - Rust Mountain View Ranch & Canadian Sires

Brooking Trendspotter 6166
$30,000 - W Sunrise Angus & Canadian Sires

Brooking Patent 6093
$17,000 - Glendar Angus
Brooking Rewind 6023
$19,500 - Wilbar Cattle Co.
Dam: EA Rose 918 Maternal Sister: Soo LIne Rose 1019

SAV Renovation 6822
Registration Number: +18579309 

  Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075
Sire: S A V Renown 3439
  S A V Blackcap May 4136
  S A V 004 Density 4336
Dam: S A V Madame Pride 0151
  S A V Madame Pride 0075

Brooking Silver Lining 5012
Registration Number: 18505277
owned by:
W Sunrise Angus - Tanner & Megan Walgenbach, CSI Angus - Roger Reynolds and Brooking Angus Ranch

  S A V Harvestor 0338
Sire: S A V International 2020
  S A V Emblynette 5483
  Soo Line Yellowstone 6344
Dam: Soo Line Lady 8058
  JL Lady 06 112

Brooking Silver Lining 5012
2016 Canadian Western Agribition
Reserve Champion Bull

Brooking Silver Lining 5012
2015 President's Classic All Breeds Champion
Senior Calf Champion Bull
Dam: Soo Line Lady 8058
Maternal Sister: Brooking Lady 4052 Maternal Sister: Brooking Lady 6101  

Brooking Prosecutor 222
Registration Number: 1691217
Owned by: Brooking Angus Ranch, Come As U R Angus, and Windy Hill Livestock

  HF Kodiak 5R
Sire: Soo Line Motive 9016
  TLA Beauty 5R
  Bar-E-L Thor 6T
Dam: Soo Line Lass 0400 
  Soo Line Lass 8397

Brooking Prosecutor 222 is an exciting herdisre candidate that topped our first bull sale at $44,000. Prosecutor 222 has been a standout since the beginning, as he closely resembles his sire, probably as much as any Motive son we have been involved with. It is enjoyable to witness the mass of muscle and rib shape in a moderate size along with the herdsire presence that Prosecutor 222 owns. More importantly he stands on perfect feet, is low birth (83lbs) and has big time performance (205 day weight of 943lbs and 365 day weight 1494). His awesome dam and granddam are big bodied, easy fleshing females, along with perfect udders with high quality milk. The dam has a +36 milk epd and a 205 ratio of 1 at 123 and the grand dam has a +32 milk epd and a 205 ratio of 3 at 118. With one of the strongest EPD tabulations as any Motive son in existence in Canada solidifies the fact that Brooking Prosecutor 222 is the definition of a herdsire.
Come As U R Lady 508C $40,000 Rust Mountain View Ranch & Canadian Donors
Brooking Blackcap 5018 $21,000 Schwan Angus
Come As U R Storyteller $9,500 A & K Farms
2013 Canadian Western Agribition
Black Angus Reserve Grand Champion Bull
Progeny: Brooking Lady 4052
Sold for $32,500 to Jonathan Thomason at Rush Lake, SK
Progeny: Brooking Continental 4060
Progeny: Brooking Commotion 4068
$24,000 Vollmer Angus

Soo Line Motive 9016
Registration Number: 1504907
Owned by: Brooking Angus Ranch, Soo Line Cattle Co, Wiwa Creek Angus, Anderson Cattle Co., Thomason Angus and Shady Brook Angus

  Sandy Bar Advantage 43M
  Wilbar Ruby 955N
  RR 7407 Rainmaker 2154
  Terrlene Beauty 35F

Soo Line Motive 9016 is proving himself to be a leading sire in the Angus breed. He is extremely well made with a long front end with as much character and presence as any bull we have been involved with. He owns that extra flare to his muscle design that is so rare with his low birth combination. Motive started his career as the $55,000 half-interest feature of the 2010 Bases Loaded sale. He was also the lead off member of the 2010 Champion Pen of Three Angus Bulls at the National Western Stock Show. In 2011 his dam TLA Beauty 5R sold for $45,000 to ZWT Ranch, TN. Where she was admired for her perfect udder, moderate frame and breed matron character. Progeny are in high demand and have commanded $73,000, $34,000, $23,000, $22,000, $19,000, $19,000, $18,000, $15,000 at auctions as well as and many other five figured individuals.
Dam: TLA Beauty 5R Full Sister to Dam: TLA Beauty 6R Progeny: Brooking Prosecutor 222 $40,000
Come As U R Angus & Canadian Sires
Progeny: Brooking Annie K 5010 $31,000
Wiwa Creek & MTC Cattle
Progeny: Brooking Blackbird 5114 $11,500
W Sunrise Angus
Progeny: Brooking Donna 4072 $21,500
A-Cross Ranch
Progeny: Brooking Missy Gal $18,500
Riverfront Angus Ranch
Progeny: Brooking Deja Vu 4038 - $20,000
Windy Hill Livestock & Marin Land & Livestock
Progeny: Brooking Drive 5046 $14,000
Fairview Angus Ranch

Brooking Black Ink 4019
Registration Number: 1781848
owned by:
Brooking Angus Ranch

  Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075
Sire: S A V RESOURCE 1441
  S A V Blackap May 4136
  TC Boom Time 434
  SCR RD 3499-60854

Dam: Flag Missy Gal 90568  Full Sib: Brooking Profit 6139  

HF Instigator 115B
Registration Number: 1809275
owned by:
Brooking Angus Ranch

  MCATL Pure Product 903-55
  HF Evening Tinge 6X
  DUFF 927K Movin Up 874
  HF Evening Tinge 157U

Brooking Classified 6071
Brooking Replay 6097
Brooking Countess 7122

Soo Line Senator 501X
Registration Number: 1646103
Owned by: Brooking Angus Ranch and Wiwa Creek Angus

  G A R Grid Maker
Sire: S A V BISMARCK 5682
  S A V Abigale 0451
  Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96
  Sydgen Royal Lass 418

Soo Line Senator 501X is big topped, long bodied and moves effortlessly with a charisma all his own.  Senator has perfect feet. You have to love his outstanding pedigree combining Bismarck with Traveler 004, Bushwacker and New Trend 315. His dam Wener Royal Lass 4218 is a donor at Brooking Angus Ranch and she is admired for her visually stunning phenotype, moderate frame, perfect udder, added length and herdsire producing ability. A maternal brother was the high selling bull at the Soo Line Dispersal.
Dam: Werner Royal Lass 4218 Progeny: Brooking Madame Pride 387  

Wiwa Creek Monarch 53'08
Registration Number: 1448338
Owned by: Wiwa Creek Angus

  Sharp Monarch 56M
  Wiwa Creek Tina 26D 7’99
  SAR Stockman 84L
  Thomason Erica 45J

Wiwa Creek Monarch is a herdsire that covers all of the essential bases in an outcross pedigree. He is a genuine beef bull who presents a sound structure with added rib shape and fleshing ability. He is uniquely made with his dense muscle shape and added extension to his front end. His feet are superior and are 100% perfect. His dam is phenomenal in her design and production. She is huge ribbed, perfect uddered with breed matron broodiness and angularity. She is a phenotype standout born and raised at one of Canada’s oldest Angus herds.

Sitz Right Answer 506Y
owned by: Brooking Angus Ranch, Ellingson Angus and Sitz Angus

  S A V Final Answer 0035
  Happy Dell of Conanga 262
  Connealy Onward
  Sitz Barbaramere Nell 53P

After a long search and thousands of miles, Sitz Right Answer 506Y, met what we were looking for. He is perfect in his structure, square hipped with a flare to his muscle, sound in his feet and legs, and mostly proud in his stance and movement. Solidified with the facts he supplies a leading EPD tabulation and a stellar pedigree. We are excited to see his initial calfcrop in the spring of 2013.

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